Transition Guides:

Journey to Adulthood (PDF)  – a transition guide for young adults

Mapping Your Future – Guide to Life After High School – an interactive guide to help you prepare for higher education – a website built to help you plan ahead whether that is work or college

Transition One Stop – High School to Community – videos to help you learn tips on how to be successful at whatever comes after high school 


Self-Advocacy Online – an educational networking tool that includes multi-media lessons on living self-determined, healthy, contributing lives

Kentucky Protection & Advocacy – resources about transitioning to adulthood such as: self-advocacy, disability disclosure, going to work and keeping benefits, and going to college or vocational school

Pacer Center (Champions for Children with Disabilities) – information to help you develop self-advocacy skills and gain a better understanding of how you can increase your success in the classroom, at home, and in the community


KYPSO Flyer (PDF) – college, vocational school, or work…which path will you choose? We want to know!

KYPSO Brochure (PDF) – learn about the information we collect as well as the why, how, and when

Life After H.S. (PDF) – a collection of stories about eight young adults in Kentucky and their journeys

KnowHow2Go KY – information on how to get ready and motivated for college

Kentucky Students’ Right to Know – this resource links college majors to the most in-demand jobs in the state along with typical education requirements, wages, and institutions offering these majors


KentuckyWorks – this website will help you find resources to work and build your future