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HDI Video Series

IEP – Student directed IEP.  This 13 minute video explains why a student should be involved when developing their Individual Education Program (IEP), the benefit for the student involved and how to get them involved.

Independent Life – Out of the Institution – Into the Community – This 14 minute video, developed by the Kentucky Protection and Advocacy and produced by the Human Development Institute, takes you through the lives of four individuals who have successfully transitioned from institutions or hospitals into the community. An Independent Life

Megan’s Story – This 12 minute video introduces you to Megan McCormick, who was born with Down Syndrome, in this video she talks about her life and her goals and how she is working to accomplish those goals, including attending college.  Megan’s Story

Supported Higher Education – (1hr 54min) HDI Seminar Series:  The Impact of Supported Higher Education on Improving the Lives of those with Intellectual Disabilities. Dr. Melissa Jones, Associate Professor, College of Education, Northern Kentucky University and Wendy Willeroy, Project Coordinator for the HDI SHEP (Supported Higher Education Project) explain what the project does and what they hope to accomplish.  This Seminar will highlight the impressions and experiences of students with intellectual disabilities going to college before and after participating in a mentoring experience.  Supported Higher Education

Supported Living – One Size Does NOT Fit All – This 20 minute video explains the Kentucky Supported Living Program and their ability to fund a one-time payment for things like ramps or bathroom modification or on-going care such as respite or a personal care person.  The intent of this program is to provide whatever is needed in order for someone to live in the community and allows them to be independent and a part of the community.   Listen to stories of how different people have used the supported living grant to accomplish independence.   Supported Living

Transition Services – The Road to Your Future – Dr. Beth Harrison from the Human Development Institute reviews Transition Services available to people with disabilities in this 14 minute video.  What is IDEA?  What are development disabilities?  What services are available after school?  Dr. Harrison gives an overview and contact information for adult services such as, Kentucky Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, Center for Independent Living, SSDI and SSI, PASS (plan to achieve self-sufficiency), Benefits Plus, Home & Community Based Waiver, Supported Living, State General Funds, Personal Care Attendant Program, Special Services and Equipment Fund, Assistive Technology, HDI resources, and the Kentucky Supports for Community Living Waiver.  The Road to Your Future

Work If They Want!  – This 50 minute video of an HDI pizza forum is presented by C.J. Jones from the Department of Behavior Health Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities, the division of Behavior Health and Lori Norton from the HDI Dartmouth Employment Project.  All persons with a disability should be able to work if they want!  This video gives a brief explanation of mental illness, severe mental illness and the major classes of mental illness.  It also answers questions, such as; Will I lose my benefits if I start working?  What are the benefits of employment to both the person with disabilities and the employer?  What is an employment specialist?  What is evidence based supported employment?  Supported Employment