Data for Public Use

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These tables show education categories on the left, crossed with employment categories across the top, for all of Kentucky respondents to the Youth One Year Out interview.  You can filter by year, gender, disability category, manner of exiting high school, and ethnicity (for ethnicity, you can select multiple categories). Click View Report at top right after you make your selection.

For example, if you want to know how many females with a specific learning disability were attending a 2 or 4-year college and also competitively employed, you would select “Female’ from the Gender drop-down menu, “Specific Learning Disability” from the Disability Category drop-down menu, and click “View Report”.  Then look at the top left table cell where “Higher Education” crosses with “Competitively Employed”, and you will see the total number of people in that category (and the percent it represents of all females with a specific learning disability).

If you have an account with KYPSO, and would like to see more detailed reports for your Coop or District, please click on the Data Collection & Reporting tab and log in.