2014 YOYO Reports are now available. If you are a DOSE, log in and download your report! 


The Kentucky Post School Outcome hosted a series of webinars to present the Youth One Year Out survey results for 2012.  If you were unable to join us for the live webinar, you can view the recording by clicking here.


DCS Troubleshooting Tip: You only need to register for one Data Collection System account with KyPSO. If you have registered more than once you may have trouble accessing the data collection instruments online. E-mail Judy ( or Tony ( if you are unsure of your username.

Read here what a former YOYO Interviewers and webinar participant had to say about her experience.



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Welcome to the Kentucky Post School Outcome Center!


The Kentucky Post School Outcome Center (KYPSO) develops and oversees the administration of the Kentucky Post School Outcome Study, a longitudinal investigation of the post school outcomes of Kentucky youth with educational disabilities during the final year of high school and one year after high school exit.


The KYPSO is currently funded by the Kentucky Department of Education/Division of Learner Services (KDE/DLS). We also are in the process of seeking additional external funding to conduct further research into factors predictive of post school success for Kentucky youth.


We hope this page will be a useful tool for improving education and transition services for all students.



To create an account, please click on the Data Collection Tab above.


Click here to read KYPSO's full 2014 Report.


Do you need to send secure data to KyPSO staff??  If you need names added to your list of former students, the following information can be sent to KyPSO staff in an excel spreadsheet if possible. 

Send Student IDs, disability type, ethnicity, manner of exit, gender and school by uploading the information here: secure link



Have individual data but not sure what it all means? Download a copy of the 2010 YOYO Codebook under the Resources tab.

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